Many people are interested in learning how to build a pergola. Pergolas can provide an excellent place to grow plants and shade one’s patio. If you are looking for DIY tips, these Pergolas Is Easy to Do projects will help you. If you are not familiar with the construction process, you should consider hiring professional builders to build a pergola for you.

how to build a pergola

Build a Pergola is a project that you can do yourself if you have the appropriate tools. Dig a hole the same depth as the foundation to which you will erect the pergola covering. If your DIY skills are rusty, consider using the services of a pro to complete the job. If you want to learn how to build a pergola, this project is easy enough to tackle on your own.

The first step in building a pergola is to dig the required holes for the supporting columns. Measure and mark the columns according to the dimensions of the pergola you are building. You will need to make sure that the distance between the columns is at least four feet. If you are making a triangular or octagonal pergola, you can use wood ladders to support the columns. With this method, the ladder will be buried under the foliage and can’t be seen from the ground.

Next, cut holes in the ground to where the posts will be planted. Carefully dig a small hole and remove the soil from the bottom and top of the hole. Add a layer of dirt to help the roots of the pergolas grow properly. The depth of the holes should be about a foot; you can test the depth by inserting a golf ball into the hole. If the ball comes out of the hole with a depth of one inch, you are in the right depth.

After creating the necessary holes, prepare the materials needed for the project by digging a hole for the support poles and pouring a layer of sand into the bottom of the hole. Place the Styrofoam or wood inserts in the holes and pour the concrete for the foundation. Now that everything is ready, it’s time to start DIY pergola designs.

Use stain to paint the pergolas using non-acetone paint. This will allow you to control how the stain will look after it dries. For pergola’s design, the stain you use must have a good color coverage. If the stain is not properly applied, it will just rub off or peel off. It would be best to make sure that the stain you apply is thick enough to provide maximum protection while it cures.

Once the pergolas are done with their first coating, you can learn how to build a pergola frame. First, dig post holes about one foot into the ground. Prepare the frame of the pergola by placing the Styrofoam or wood inserts into the holes. Now you need to fill up the holes with concrete as stated above for the foundation. Once that is done, attach the posts of each pergola one by one to the frame.

Then, repeat with the second frame, but this time you want to install the pergolas at the corners using steel brackets. To give it a finished look, paint the deck white or install teak wood decking. Now your backyard landscape will look elegant without a DIY project like building a deck for your pergolas.

Another good idea on how to build a pergola is by using the slats to create a porch. First, start by creating a rectangular shape by folding down the long edge of one slat. Then slide the other slat forward until the two slats touch. Then slide both slats to the side until you get to the length that the width of the patio table will be.

Now cut the pergola for the patio or deck out after preparing the inside and outside. Secure the pergola with teak wood decking at the back, and then fix the slats in place. The slats must be parallel to the sides and above the patio table to give the shade structure stable support.

Building DIY pergolas are a great addition to your home. You can also have it put on your deck or porch for that added outdoor look. However, for safety precautions, it is best if you hire someone who has experience building these structures. The wood pieces may seem very simple when first assembled, but they could easily collapse with careless artistry. This would be a terrible setback to your backyard or deck project.